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Pussy Power? The Seam of My Jeans Are Really Hitting the Spot Right Now

I’ll admit it: every so often I get down on myself for my total lack of accomplishment and inability to celebrate even the smallest things in life. However, that all changed today when I realized how good the inseam of my jeans felt on my pussy!

I’m not just referring to the tough seam pressing up against my pubic region either, I’m talking rough stitching rubbing against my fleshy labia, moving my floppy clitoral hood in circles, and vaginal lubricant seeping through my eight-year-old Target underwear. What’s better is I thought the thick blue denim of my jeans would soak up all the juices, but it just made me wetter! Talk about pussy power!

So friends with vaginas, if you’re ever feeling down about your partner not making you orgasm, or just not having any reason to celebrate your body, throw on your favorite pair of tight and out-of-fashion skinny jeans and get to rocking those hips all day long!