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OK: My Friend Sent Me A TikTok Over Text And Nothing Else

Exciting! I just got a phone notification, and it looks like I received a text from one of my friends whom I haven’t heard from in a while. I wonder what she’ll say! Maybe she’ll ask me how I’m doing, or perhaps how my finals went. 

Oh. It appears she just sent me a link to a link to a TikTok without adding anything else of value. Alrighty then. I guess that’s fine. 

The TikTok was already one I saw on my For You Page, but I’ll give her a ‘Like’ react out of obligation, or hell, maybe even a ‘Ha ha!’ if it made me huff out a little air. At least it was a nice diversion from my hours-long Instagram scroll. 

To be honest, I’ll probably send her a TikTok back in the next few days, which I will instantly forget about the moment I click send. 

Unbelievable! This Sophomore Found a Bunch of Five Leaf Clovers in His Roommate’s Closet!

Think there’s no such thing as luck? Well get ready to eat your words, because a sophomore in the College of Agriculture found a ton of these sweet five leaf clovers in his roommate’s closet!

Talk about a St. Patrick’s Day to remember!

When Greg Wachtel walked into his two person double in Cascadilla earlier today, he smelled something weird, and wanted to find out what. As it turns out, his roommate had been growing these lucky little plants in secret for the past few months, in anticipation of the greenest holiday there is. What’s next, an entire leprechaun jumping out of his laundry hamper?

“The weird thing is, he isn’t even Irish,” said Greg, referring to his roomie Jeff “Munches” Davis, “but it’s great to see him engage with Irish culture like this. He even told me he was going to get ‘blarney stoned’ today! Who knows, maybe he’ll take up step-dancing or the fiddle soon.”

Apparently, Munches was so worked up over today that he broke down crying because of the thousands of people he feared were going to pinch him. Lighten up, man, and go get yourself greened out!