Concerning! Student Pours Heart Out to Cornell Subreddit Instead of Seeking Counsel From People Who Are Not Maladjusted Internet Strangers

Yikes! Struggling student CornellThrowaway75 just posted a several-paragraph long rant and emotional plea for help on the Cornell subreddit. Oh no! What does he expect from them!

In the post, the troubled Redditor sought out advice from the eclectic strangers of r/Cornell. He cited worries about a virtual semester, his future as a pre-med, trouble making friends as a freshman, and some other heavy topics. Oh boy! We don’t think these are problems YourMom69 will help with very much! Super worrying!

Noble Redditors were quick to respond to the anonymous student’s desperation: comments included “f”, “same”, and “my DMs are open”. Wow! Despite the kind responses, that is absolutely not a substitute for sustained therapeutic intervention, and it would definitely be better to seek out help from literally any other source!

That’s upsetting! We hope CornellThrowaway, who is clearly going through it right now, got the help he needed, hopefully using r/Cornell as a stepping stone to get advice from mental health professionals instead of anonymous internet students who spend hours a day on their University’s Reddit page (red flag, anyone?!) 

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