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Heartwarming: When This Student In a Wheelchair Felt Left Out, These Brothers Helped Him Do a Keg Stand!

Adapting to College life can be tough for everyone, but imagine how hard it is for those of us facing physical disabilities. All of the social anxieties felt by being thrown into a new setting with dozens of people you’ve never met before get heightened by the palpable impairment that makes you feel completely different from everyone else.

This was especially true for Dwight Albert ‘21, who was paralyzed from the waist down when he was only four years old.

“Having a limited use of motor skills and using a wheelchair to get around is how I’ve lived for as long as I can remember, making it super tough to play even simple games like beer pong and slap cup, let alone do a keg stand,” said Albert.

When some people on his floor convinced him to go out last Saturday, Matthew was expecting more of the same: multiple sets of stares, awkward conversations, and just feeling out of place.

But right before Dwight was about to call it quits and head back to North, some brothers noticed he was looking a little down, and decided to completely turn his night around—or as some would say, upside-down!

“We just brought him over to the center of the room, helped him out of his wheelchair, and got him straightened out for the keg stand. He was a natural and everyone started chanting his name, it made the party that much better! He even was able to stay on there for 50 seconds, the longest of the night!” said Tanner Blake ’18, who originally had the idea to help out Dwight.

Wow! What an inspiring and uplifting story of brotherhood and compassion. Hopefully, this act of generosity can help make our campus a more inclusive place in the future!

Unbelievable! This Sophomore Found a Bunch of Five Leaf Clovers in His Roommate’s Closet!

Think there’s no such thing as luck? Well get ready to eat your words, because a sophomore in the College of Agriculture found a ton of these sweet five leaf clovers in his roommate’s closet!

Talk about a St. Patrick’s Day to remember!

When Greg Wachtel walked into his two person double in Cascadilla earlier today, he smelled something weird, and wanted to find out what. As it turns out, his roommate had been growing these lucky little plants in secret for the past few months, in anticipation of the greenest holiday there is. What’s next, an entire leprechaun jumping out of his laundry hamper?

“The weird thing is, he isn’t even Irish,” said Greg, referring to his roomie Jeff “Munches” Davis, “but it’s great to see him engage with Irish culture like this. He even told me he was going to get ‘blarney stoned’ today! Who knows, maybe he’ll take up step-dancing or the fiddle soon.”

Apparently, Munches was so worked up over today that he broke down crying because of the thousands of people he feared were going to pinch him. Lighten up, man, and go get yourself greened out!