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21 FWS Names I’m Ashamed To Have On My Transcript

1) FWS: Let’s Play — I got a C- in Yahtzee.

2) FWS: Modern Romance: Dating and Relationships Among Young Adults — “Hot tip,” said my sixty-year-old professor, “say, ‘Hiya toots!’ by the jukebox, and y be doing the jitterbug in no time.”

3) FWS: Talk. Writing is for Pussies — Okay, fine, this one isn’t real.

4) FWS: Yogurt? — The jury’s still out.

5) FWS: Sluts and Hoes — Yep. Very ashamed of this one.

6) FWS: Pin The Tail On Stuart — Stuart had a really bad time.

7) FWS: Fuck — God dammit.

8) FWS: Feminism For Men — Surprisingly, the same as feminism for women, just with one picture of a monster truck.

9) FWS: Everyone Gets A B+ — I got a B.

10) FWS: Be Christian — On day 1, they took us to Sage Chapel and baptized us.

11) FWS: Ian? — WHERE IS HEEEE???

12) FWS: My Mom’s A Bitch — She made him eat grapes, and he doesn’t like grapes.

13) FWS: Meditation for Beginners, Just Breathing — *sigh*

14) FWS: I’ve Got the Almond Milk Blues — We were all lactose intolerant except for Gary, who’s just really sad about almond milk.

15) FWS: Want My Old Skateboard? — No.

16) FWS: Crabs, Sexy???? — No.

17) FWS: Canada Is Technically A Country — No.

18) FWS: Urethras In The 21st Century — They were all pretty urethra-y.

19) FWS: One Unbelievably Well-Woven Basket — The basket got an A+.

20) FWS: Geronimo! — For the first two weeks, we just jumped off of medium-sized ledges onto a gymnastics pad.

21) FWS: Jumanji For Dummies — We just watched Jumanji at half speed.

Here Are the 6 Most Beautiful Arts Quads on Campus

This arts quad is the most iconic, and it’s celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary this year!

Always a crowd-pleaser, this arts quad only comes out in January!

This is where the virgin statues kiss at midnight!

On a clear day, you can almost see your house from this arts quad!

What a quad! Great for studying, napping, or playing some basketball!

Never given the credit it deserves, this quad recently transferred here from Tufts.

8 Perfect Things to Do Over Fall Break

Take over for your bus driver


This guy looks pretty tired. Give him a hand! It’s the least you could do to make up for him helping you get home.


Weep over your loss of innocence

https://thescenemycameraandme.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/lost-innocence.jpgAs you pass by that park you always used to play at, or the old high school, remember that you’re an adult now and all the carefree childhood love of life has been replaced by the stressful demands of the real world!

Pretend you went to some cool parties


Your friends from back home are bound to bring up the party scenes at their schools, so you’re going to want to make them think you did some crazy shit every Thursday instead of getting denied from an annex.

Refill your parents’ food bowls


Old mom and dad must have gone through those food bowls you left for them back in August, so it’s probably time for a refill!

Reconnect with every person from your graduating class


It’s been a while since graduation, I bet all 427 members of your high school class are just dying to know what you’ve been up to!

If you’re in Ithaca, say hi to your favorite classrooms


All of your favorite professors will be on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pay a visit to your favorite classrooms. Go check up on McGraw 165 or Warren 240 and see how they’re holding up in the new school year!

Get some sleep and dream about the terrifying, uncertain future of humanity

We won’t be here much longer!

Don’t come back

Can’t every day be Fall Break? It wouldn’t hurt to stay an extra day or two, maybe a week. Heck, why not all the time!