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“I’ll Totally Be There!” and 5 Other Ways to Say “No” to Your Friend’s A Capella Concert

KLARMAN HALL— With the upcoming onslaught of finals and never-ending last minute assignments, when your friend hits you with  “My a capella group is having a concert this weekend, you’re definitely coming through, right?” the most immediate and resounding internal response is a shrieking, guttural “Dear God, no.” 

So how do you, unsuspecting and innocent, navigate your way out of this awful-hellscape and into any other Friday night activities? There are a few ways out of this fate, should you brave the course:

1. “I’ll totally be there!” 

It is, of course, always a safe move to just lie to them. It’s definitely not like they will have a check in at the auditorium on the night of the concert, and even if they did, who gives a shit? Definitely not your friend.

2. “Oh no! I have something that night 🙁 ” 

A classic excuse, the “I’m busy.” This is without a doubt a surefire way to get yourself right on out of there, and right into some stinky frat basement. Pepper in the frowny face for some extra flavor, and kiss that sweet, sweet music goodbye. 

3. “I’ll definitely let you know.” 

Ah yes, delay the inevitable. If you put off telling your friend whether you can make it to their concert or not, word on the street is, the concert will eventually happen. Feel free to leave your friend in limbo for all eternity, and just like that, you’re out clean!

4. “Yes!” 

This one is a good bet if you’re looking for simplicity. A lie with no strings attached, a simple agreement can save you further conversation in the present, and you need only offer a confusion of dates in the aftermath. 

5. “Maybe” 

Again, an in-between place is a very nice place to start. Definitely hit your friend with that maybe, and then never, ever clarify your presence. It’s best, really, this state of confusion一no one gets hurt. 

6. “My other friend actually has a concert that night too” 

Ah yes, an a capella salvation. What can save you except the hell you have been damned to in the first place. If you cannot go to their concert, it must only be because you have another dear friend to support. Just like that you are saved, and you are glorious. 

Red Flag? My Roommate’s Spotify Wrapped Looks Like He’s Really Going Through Some Shit

Well, it’s that time of year again- Spotify Wrapped season, when the streaming platform reminds us all what we spent the past 12 months listening to. My suitemates and I took a break from studying to show our Wrappeds to each other and it became quickly clear that Barney might be going through some heavy stuff. 

While most of us were reminded of all the time we spent listening to Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Lizzo, our roommate, Barney Davidson, apparently spent the majority of his year repeatedly listening to dark, confessional explorations of loneliness, alcoholism, breakups, and loss. Man, what’s been up in his life?

According to Spotify’s automatically generated presentation, our sounds changed with the season. For Barney, it seemed to change from bad to worse. Barney’s summer was populated by normal album covers by The Beatles, The Wu-Tang Clan, and Childish Gambino, but by fall these were replaced by Sam Smith, Frank Ocean, Jeff Rosenstock, and even Hank Williams oddly enough.

I mean, he seems fine, but now that I think about it, he does play “Life Goes On” by 2Pac like every time he showers. I guess I should probably ask if he’s doing okay.

UPDATE: False alarm everyone, I asked Barney if everything was cool, and his halfhearted and breathy “yeah, I’m fine” assured me that we’re all good. Here’s to another great year of streaming!

Take This CU Noozfeed Slope Day Survey!

We want to hear what YOU want for Slope Day 2017! It’s only nine months away! Vote below for everything you want to see on the Slope Day stage this spring!

1. Which of the following line-up formats would you prefer?


2. What type of music do want to hear at Slope Day 2016?


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5. Pick your favorite past Slope Day artist.


6. Who’s your ideal Slope Day artist?


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Amazing! This Sophomore Incorrectly Guesses the Songs Being Played on the Clock Tower

Just when you thought it was impossible to do, Jackson Genesi ’18 guessed all of the songs being played on the Clocktower incorrectly. That’s right. All of the songs the chime-masters played on a brisk Friday afternoon, drawn from movie themes, pop hits, and Cornell’s historical songs. Jackson got them ALL wrong.


Normally it’s impossible to do what Jackson did. Most people can recognize one or two songs being played. Everyone knows the Harry Potter theme. And if you don’t recognize the Alma Mater, do you even go here?

But not Jackson. He was completely clueless for the entire chimes concert. How did Jackson do it?

“I’m just really unlucky I guess,” he said. “It also helps to be oblivious to popular culture and to things that are going on around me in general.”

Amazing. The next time you walk down Ho Plaza during a chimes concert and guess what songs are being played, try to be more like Jackson. Think of all the tunes you know that sound familiar, but still probably aren’t right.

8 Songs That Will Get You Through That Study Grind

Well, it looks like finals week has finally arrived, but don’t worry, CUNoozfeed has got you covered. These tracks will have you feeling fresh and energetic, so that every minute of those long hours of studying will lead to you acing those tests!

1. Some EDM Bullshit


It could be Skrillex, or Tiesto, or Diplo . . . doesn’t actually matter, just put on some brain throbbing electronic sounds so you can study in peace.

2. Dad Telling You All About Math


What better way is there to retain all the information for your upcoming final than by listening to your dad tell you all about those dandy formulas from multivariable calculus?

3. House of Cards on Netflix

http://cdn.bgr.com/2013/04/netflix-house-of-cards.jpgListen to Frank Underwood pave his path through Washington’s political machinery, all the way to the White House. But careful not to watch the visual part! Remember, you’re busy studying!

4. The Book of Genesis

The awe inspiring story of the Almighty Father’s creation of the Heavens and the Earth will leave you with the faith that you can surmount any obstacle. #Motivating

5. Whales!

Can’t get enough whales!

6. “Schindler’s List” Official Soundtrackhttp://thelibertarianrepublic.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/schindlers-list-17523-hd-wallpapers.jpg

Let the sobering soundtrack of this Academy Award winning film about some of the most horrific events in human history help you concentrate on the paramount importance of your upcoming exams.

7. JFK’s Inaugural Addresshttp://www.inc.com/uploaded_files/image/1940x900/jfk-inauguration_31390.jpg

Need some extra motivation? This famous 20 minute speech by one of the U.S.’s most charismatic leaders ever will have you saying “Ask not what your professor can do for you, but what you can do for your professor!”

8. Your Own Short, Panicked Breathing

This simple playlist will have you feeling so focused that you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been listening to this in the first place.