Amazing! This Sophomore Incorrectly Guesses the Songs Being Played on the Clock Tower

Just when you thought it was impossible to do, Jackson Genesi ’18 guessed all of the songs being played on the Clocktower incorrectly. That’s right. All of the songs the chime-masters played on a brisk Friday afternoon, drawn from movie themes, pop hits, and Cornell’s historical songs. Jackson got them ALL wrong.


Normally it’s impossible to do what Jackson did. Most people can recognize one or two songs being played. Everyone knows the Harry Potter theme. And if you don’t recognize the Alma Mater, do you even go here?

But not Jackson. He was completely clueless for the entire chimes concert. How did Jackson do it?

“I’m just really unlucky I guess,” he said. “It also helps to be oblivious to popular culture and to things that are going on around me in general.”

Amazing. The next time you walk down Ho Plaza during a chimes concert and guess what songs are being played, try to be more like Jackson. Think of all the tunes you know that sound familiar, but still probably aren’t right.

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