Sorry, Vet Students: The Vet School Just Got Moved 40 Miles Further East

Everybody forgets about the Vet School students on campus. They’re all the way out there in the boondocks of east campus, in buildings that most of us will never venture towards. You could imagine that it would be pretty hard to have all your classes and social life out there, but now it turns out that the vet students now have another hurdle to get over: Cornell just decided to move the entire Veterinary School another 40 miles east.

WTF Cornell?!?

Vet School seems hard enough with the ridiculous workload and high level of competition, but now vet students need to walk or drive to Smithville Flats, a tiny town in central New York, just to take classes!

vetschoolmapWhat do they have to do, borrow one of the horses to get there? We get it Cornell, you like to construct new buildings all the time, but why do you have to be so mean to the future veterinarians?

Sorry vet students. Cornell may not love you, but we do! Maybe we’ll even try to come visit you out there in Smithville Flats, but before we do that let’s see if we can even find where Morrison Hall is!



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