Diversity Problem? There Are Two People Named “Jeff” in the Class of 2020

Last year, Cornell Admissions claimed that the Class of 2019 was “the most diverse class in Cornell history.” But the university’s progressive admissions record was recently tarnished when two people named Jeff were admitted to the Class of 2020.

Uh Oh! Sounds like a problem, Cornell! 

A diversity issue this severe has not happened since 2010, when students protested the acceptance of both a Steven and a Stephan to the Class of 2014, one of Cornell’s least diverse classes in recent memory.

“The number of Jeffs admitted to the Class of 2020 is at an unprecedented 0.03%,” the admissions office revealed in a press release. While university officials claim this questionable decision will “allow more Jeffs the opportunity to experience a Cornell education,” opponents argue that this decision hurt the chances of Michelles, Richards, and Theodores to access higher education.

How would a “Jeff” plurality affect life on campus? Are two Jeffs too many Jeffs? Should Cornell rescind admission from one of the Jeffs, or remedy the situation by taking an Annabell or a Horatio off of the waitlist?

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