Can You Successfully Pre-Enroll for Fall 2016?

This week marks the beginning of the pre-enrollment period for Fall 2016. Can you successfully complete all three tasks on Student Center and sign up for classes?


How reliable is your Internet access?


Worried male student with hand in hair using laptop

Whaaaat no don’t do that! Everyone else is using eduroam— there’s no way your Student Center will load in time.



It will probably be just fine. Okay, 60 seconds before your time slot opens. Are you prepared?



Well, go on. Find them!



Hey, you’re a pretty fast researcher. You miraculously managed to select all your classes, and now Student Center is just processing your request. What do you do to celebrate?


Young Student Stressed and Overwhelmed asking for Help

Mmmm probably best not to leave something like this up to chance. You should probably get some advice.



Where is your roommate right now?


Man sleeping and snoring, overhead view

Are you sure he’s asleep?



Get up from your desk. Go out in the hall, making sure to lock the door behind you. Find the nearest stairway. Is there anyone else in the stairway?



Oh shit that’s creepy. You should probably leave.


Man sleeping and snoring, overhead view

You should probably check, just to make sure.


Portrait of asian college student showing thumbs-up. shot in the library

See that your roommate isn’t waking up anytime soon.



Ask Tim where the watermelon is. He’ll know what you’re talking about.



While he’s there, ask him what he thinks about your planned pre-enroll schedule.



Wow, that sucks. How’d you end up there?



Yeah that’s understandable. Do you want a cookie?


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