9 Crazy Party Drinks You Need to Try

1. Jungle Juice
jungle juice

Ready for a wild night? Have some jungle juice. It’s 15% alcohol, tastes amazing, and guaranteed to bring out the animal in you.

2. Angry Balls
angry balls

Mix Angry Orchard and Fireball whiskey for this great party drink! Probably not the best thing to drink right after you had the jungle juice, but who am I to judge?

3. Box Wine

Hey, I mean if you want to drink box wine too, go right ahead.

4. Hard lemonade
hard lemonade

Yeah! We’re getting so TURNT tonight! I didn’t expect you to go this hard at parties!

5. Straight Gin

Uh… slow down. This is fun but you should cut back.

6. Vodka

Now I’m starting to really worry about you.

7. Whiskey

Jennifer, STOP! This isn’t funny anymore. This is dangerous.

8. Scotchka

No, we’re leaving. Put down the bottle. I’m taking you home. It’s a miracle you haven’t thrown up yet.

9. Everclear

Oh god, it’s all over the floor.

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