I Took Tree Climbing And I’m Still Stuck in This Tree

One of the things that first got me excited about coming to Cornell was the incredible variety of physical education classes. Personally, I’m more of an outdoor guy, so I was really looking forward to classes like Day Hiking and Small Boat Sailing. But before any of those, I knew I wanted to take Tree Climbing. The idea of being able to climb any tree was exhilarating, but the class did not turn out like I thought it would. Most notably, I’m still stuck in the first tree we climbed in the class.

Sorry Tree Climbing, but there’s no way I’m recommending you to any of my friends.

giphy (2)

Sure, there were some aspects of the class that were super cool. I really liked the instructors, and everybody was really supportive of each other. But the fact that I’ve been essentially trapped at the top of a 40-foot-tall tree on the Arts Quad for the past six months is a definite downside. In that time, I’ve missed all of my classes, lost 30 pounds, and befriended a squirrel named Nutters.

There’s just some stuff about the class that they don’t tell you about on the website, I guess. Next time I’ll try to ask around for recommendations. That is, if I can ever escape this woody prison.

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