Inclusion for All: People at Holi Yelled the Names of Colors They Threw at a Colorblind Student

The ability to see color is something many of us take for granted. Unfortunately for some people, like colorblind student Evan Winters ‘19, this is a luxury they simply can’t afford.

So when Winters attended this year’s Holi celebration, hosted on the Arts Quad by the Cornell Hindu Student Council, both friends and strangers surprised him by shouting the names of the colored powder they threw at him.

Yes! That’s a win for inclusion!

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“Red! Blue! Yellow,” yelled Margaret Danforth ‘17, one of dozens of thoughtful students who unsuspectingly encircled Winters, pelted him with powder, and viciously bellowed the powder’s corresponding color – just so Winters could truly experience Holi like his peers.

Although Winters’ eyes and lungs may be permanently damaged by the endless amount of colored powder that hit his face and restricted his airways, we can be proud of the fact that Winters knew exactly what colors were hurled at his body, just like the other Cornellians celebrating Holi. Nice!

People all around the world suffer from feeling left out, and today’s act of generosity at Holi proved that everyone can make a difference and promote inclusion. Even just stating the name of a color to the right person can truly brighten someone’s day.

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