Uh Oh! This Guy’s Group Project Partners Are All Non-Sentient Rocks

When Steve Kolebski ’19 was picking out his group project partners, he thought he was assembling the dream team to get the project done right on time! Little did he know, all of his partners would turn out to be a bunch of non-sentient rocks!

Talk about a rocky start!

That’s right! Despite putting up a facade of sentience and humanity, all of Steve’s group members are actually clumps of impacted sediment with smiley faces drawn on them.

“They all seemed pretty friendly at first, except they all did this thing where none of them moved or spoke,” said Kolebski. “I just assumed they were shy so I thought I would group up with them because nobody else had.”

Kolebski tried to switch into a different group later in the semester, but this time his new group members all turned out to be lazy sacks of shit!

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