Sweet! This Wet Bag of Socks from the Dump and Run Was Only Five Dollars!

Safe to say, I’ve had mixed success at the Dump and Run in the past. I’ve bought TVs that didn’t work, and mini-fridges that leaked. But this year I definitely struck gold at the Helen Newman yard sale when I found this wet bag of socks for only five bucks.

Bargain? I think so.

I went to get some furniture for my new apartment, but all the couches and chairs I looked at were broken. I was about to leave, disappointed that I couldn’t find anything worth my cash. That’s when I saw that dripping sack, and I thought it was exactly what my living room needed. You really can find anything at the D&R!

To whoever decided to give away all their damp footwear, thank you! It’s in great condition, I honestly can’t believe you would part with it. But hey, it’s mine now and I’ll try to treat this pile of sweaty clothing as well as you did.

If you get the chance, go out to the Dump and Run while you can still get all the good stuff like I did. You can bet I’ll be over there later today because I still need a toothbrush!

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