School Spirit! These Cornellians Released a Bear into a Crowd of People

With Homecoming right around the corner, Cornell pride is at its height with students and alumni ready for the big pep rally and football game this weekend. But no one loves Cornell more than Michael Kirp and Nick Murphy, seniors in CALS who used their Animal Science connections to pull of the greatest homecoming stunt of them all: They unleashed a bear right in the middle of Duffield Hall!

Did someone say… TOUCHDOWN?!?

Kirp and Murphy snuck into the campus animal hospital late last night to steal the bear. Then, during the lunch rush today in Duffield, Cornell’s biggest fans drove a van through the glass wall and let the bear loose while Cornell’s Alma Mater played from their car radio. The busy engineers in Duffield were surprised to say the least!

Unfortunately for these proud Cornellians, who were arrested and held without bail, authorities put the bear down after it mauled several dozen students. But we’ll never forget the school spirit you showed us: let’s win Homecoming this year for Kirp and Murphy! Go Big Red!!

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