November 6th: You Know What to Do. It’s National Saxophone Day

You don’t need a reminder. It’s November 6th. Take a stand for something. Believe in something. Because today is National Saxophone Day.

You’ve been hearing about it for months. But now, it’s finally time: get your sunglasses and zoot suit on down to your designated precinct to play a sweet, sweet tune on your sweet, sweet sax. That’s patriotism.

In all seriousness, this Tuesday is the day that defines our national spirit—the feeling of unity, the sound of freedom. And that sound you hear? It’s is the sound of hundreds of saxophones playing simultaneously at full volume. Oh, baby. And hey, if you don’t have a traditional saxophone, feel free to play an elect-ric. Yowza!

Get jazzed to participate this National Saxophone Day: it’s the American thing to do.

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