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Bold! CUPB Assumes Hannibal Buress Funnier Over Zoom Than My Technologically Inept 86-Year-Old Economics Professor

This post is sponsored by CUPB! Cornell University Program Board is proud to (virtually) welcome Hannibal Buress, a cast member on Broad City and co-host on the Eric Andre Show.

This FREE moderated and audience Q&A is only open to the Cornell Community on a first come, first serve basis. Hannibal will be reading your questions, so if you have any, fill out this form: https://forms.gle/uvMLdWGQq5oeLrXu6

To register for the zoom webinar, click below: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vVW_R8pRQM6oqREpVL_6cw

This FREE event is open to Cornell students, faculty, and staff.

I just found out that Hannibal Buress will be headlining CUPB’s Spring Comedy Show… virtually. Look, I love Hannibal – insanely funny guy – but just so that we’re clear: no matter what he brings to the table during his event this Friday, he will never be half as funny over Zoom as my 86-year-old economics professor, John Elkridge. 

 Like a lot of people, I was a little disappointed when we were told about the transition to online classes, but honestly, I have never had a better semester at Cornell. I haven’t arrived early to a single in-person class. But ever since Professor Elkridge has been forced to hold classes over Zoom, I line up overnight for this class. Heck, I’ll Zoom in with my parents sometimes.

Yesterday, I tuned into class 20 minutes early. I was the only other person in the conference, and watched with glee as the former Chair of the Economics Department was already 14 slides into presenting a PowerPoint that he had physically printed out and was holding in the wrong direction of the camera. Legendary. 

I get it, Hannibal’s been on all these big shows and has his own fancy stand-up specials– whatever. He will never bring me as much joy as when I heard a frustrated Nobel Laureate in pajama pants yell “God damn it, Arlene, the fish are back” when a ‘Baby Shark’ e-card from his great-grandkids appeared as his virtual background. Comedy. Gold. 

So yes, I’ll be watching Hannibal’s Zoom thing on Friday, but good luck coming close to matching the comedic stylings of a confused older person forced to try new things… on camera.

Cecily Strong Didn’t Bring Any Friends To Her Show, So We Drew Some In For Her

Last week, CUPB brought comedian and SNL cast member Cecily Strong for a show titled “Cecily Strong & Friends.” The only problem? She didn’t bring any of her friends! We thought that was too bad, so we drew some friends in for her. Don’t worry, Cecily, we’ve got your back!

These are Cecily Strong’s friends, Jeff and Sally. They came all the way to Ithaca with her from New York City for this show!


This is Cecily Strong’s friend Kristen, who she used to live with for a while before she got an apartment of her own.img_52131

This is Cecily Strong’s friend and fellow SNL cast member Kenan Thompson.img_5207

This is Cecily Strong’s dog, Wilbur. Dog is man AND woman’s best friend!img_5216

This is Cecily Strong and her imaginary friend, The Right Honorable Lady Amelia.img_5210.

We Interviewed Mike Birbiglia and Caught Him Saying That He Likes Lemons

Two weeks ago, Mike Birbiglia, arguably one of the best and well-respected comedians alive today, gave a free performance at Statler Hall thanks to the Cornell University Program Board. CUPB gave us a chance to talk to Mike after the show, hoping to gain some insight on his comedic career and how he balances his time between stand up, acting, and performing improv comedy in New York City. But what we got instead was something we never saw coming.

Mike Birbiglia said that he loves lemons. For real. Here’s the audio clip to prove it.

Can you believe it? A comedic star who had just spent the past hour cracking jokes decided to flip the script and drop a bombshell on us. We were speechless, but only for so long. Because shortly after Birbiglia spoke, opener Josh Rabinowitz decided to share his two cents on the subject as well.

Absolutely incredible. What an amazing confession to catch on an iPhone voice memo. We’d like to thank CUPB again for letting us talk to these two comedians after the show, and allowing us to gather such valuable and insightful comments. And comments that Birbiglia and Rabinowitz won’t be able to escape from any time soon.