Cecily Strong Didn’t Bring Any Friends To Her Show, So We Drew Some In For Her

Last week, CUPB brought comedian and SNL cast member Cecily Strong for a show titled “Cecily Strong & Friends.” The only problem? She didn’t bring any of her friends! We thought that was too bad, so we drew some friends in for her. Don’t worry, Cecily, we’ve got your back!

These are Cecily Strong’s friends, Jeff and Sally. They came all the way to Ithaca with her from New York City for this show!


This is Cecily Strong’s friend Kristen, who she used to live with for a while before she got an apartment of her own.img_52131

This is Cecily Strong’s friend and fellow SNL cast member Kenan Thompson.img_5207

This is Cecily Strong’s dog, Wilbur. Dog is man AND woman’s best friend!img_5216

This is Cecily Strong and her imaginary friend, The Right Honorable Lady Amelia.img_5210.

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