We Interviewed Mike Birbiglia and Caught Him Saying That He Likes Lemons

Two weeks ago, Mike Birbiglia, arguably one of the best and well-respected comedians alive today, gave a free performance at Statler Hall thanks to the Cornell University Program Board. CUPB gave us a chance to talk to Mike after the show, hoping to gain some insight on his comedic career and how he balances his time between stand up, acting, and performing improv comedy in New York City. But what we got instead was something we never saw coming.

Mike Birbiglia said that he loves lemons. For real. Here’s the audio clip to prove it.

Can you believe it? A comedic star who had just spent the past hour cracking jokes decided to flip the script and drop a bombshell on us. We were speechless, but only for so long. Because shortly after Birbiglia spoke, opener Josh Rabinowitz decided to share his two cents on the subject as well.

Absolutely incredible. What an amazing confession to catch on an iPhone voice memo. We’d like to thank CUPB again for letting us talk to these two comedians after the show, and allowing us to gather such valuable and insightful comments. And comments that Birbiglia and Rabinowitz won’t be able to escape from any time soon.


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