Amazing! This Oceanography Professor Just Taught an Entire Class Underwater!

BAILEY HALL – It’s incredibly satisfying to be in a class where the professor is so committed to engaging their students and gives 110% every day. One of these classes on campus is Introduction to Oceanography, where instructor Bruce Monger just raised the bar again by teaching his entire 950-person class underwater.

Can you say “coolest professor ever”?

It’s not often you see a Cornell professor go the extra mile to make a lecture both educational and fun, but that’s just what Dr. Monger had in mind when he filled the massive 1300-seat Bailey Hall auditorium with millions of gallons of water. “I first came up with the idea when I was looking at the ocean a few months ago. I thought, ‘what better way to teach people about oceanography than to nearly drown them in a giant lecture hall’? Cornell is so far away from the actual ocean, so I figured this is probably the next best thing.”

We agree, Dr. Monger. Now if you could only convince our Italian professor to teach class in a room full of gondolas, we’d have no reason to skip class anymore!

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