I Found This One Cool Trick, and Now Quartercarders Fear My Very Presence!

As a freshman, it seemed that I couldn’t go a day without being harassed by a quartercarder. Everywhere I went, a different a cappella group or project team interrupted my day to annoy me about a club I would never join.

But that all ended when I discovered this one crazy lifehack. Quartercarders won’t even come near me anymore, as the sense of foreboding toward my very existence penetrates their deepest emotions!

The trick is amazingly simple, and requires virtually no work. My experience at Cornell is infinitely better now that quartercarders instantly vaporize when they dare approach me. Now when I walk through Ho Plaza or RPCC, once-excited club recruiters shield their eyes, ask their lord for mercy, and curse my soul in ancient languages.


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You’d be crazy not to take advantage of my amazing trick. No more useless quartercards? Watching the quartercarders struggle to breathe as they literally melt in front of your eyes? This deal is too good to be true! For more details, click the link in the description below!

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