Can You Name These Famous Quotes from Cornell Alums?

Cornell alums have said some inspirational, hilarious, and inflammatory things in the school’s long history. How well do you know the quips of these famous Cornellians?

1. Kurt Vonnegut said which of the following:

Kurt Vonnegut was famous for sometimes saying words.

2. Carl Sagan which of the following:

That mouth sure looks capable of stringing sounds together into syllables and then words.

3. Pearl S. Buck said which of the following:

Though her mouth is closed in this picture, Pearl S. Buck almost certainly said a sentence.

4. Toni Morrison said which of the following:

Toni Morrison is a great speaker of English lexical units. That means words.

5. Bill Nye the Science Guy said which of the following:

Despite his focus on Science, Bill Nye knows enough about English to utter phrases.

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