We Asked 8 Students About Their Favorite Part of Cornell While They Were Taking a Prelim!

Alyssa Flores, ‘18: “Umm, can you ask me again later? I’m taking a prelim right now.”

Unfortunately, we couldn’t ask her the question again, because we were asked to leave the building several minutes later. But the fact that she was willing to talk to us at some point implied that she had a favorite thing at Cornell, so we decided to include her in this listicle.

Samuel Cohn, ‘18: “Why are you asking this now?”

His tone was a little harsh, but that’s understandable, because everyone in the room was looking at our interaction, and he probably felt uncomfortable. Oh well!

James McEvoy, ‘19: “…”

It was a little rude that James didn’t even acknowledge us. He just continued focusing on his exam, even though he definitely heard us, because everyone else in the room did.

Wanda Biggs, ‘18: “Shhh. This is very distracting.”

Was she trying to say her favorite part of Cornell was our distracting? Maybe she meant her prelim was distracting her from answering our question. We couldn’t get clarification though, because the professor was pushing us out of the lecture hall.

Jenny Lang, ‘16: “This is unacceptable behavior.”

We later found out that Jenny was a TA, and we were really aiming this question toward undergrads. But we appreciate her input!

Megan Riflin, ‘17: “I love the people at Cornell! I’ve made so many amazing friends, met a countless number of friendly, intelligent classmates, and have found help and kindness wherever I go across this campus. The professors are engaging and want you to succeed, the faculty members are always approachable, and I even love the Townies! The people in our community have made my college experience perfect.”

Thanks, Megan! We couldn’t agree more.

Mark Fassbender, ‘17: “Shut up already!”

Hey, how about “please?”

Trevor Wakins, ‘19: “Uh-”

We were about to get Trevor’s response, but that was when we were forcibly removed from the room by CUPD :/ #buzzkill

Well, there you have it! That’s what Cornell students really love about our world-famous Ithaca campus. What’s your favorite thing about Cornell? Tweet us!

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