This Engineer Just Failed Her Chemistry Test, But That’s Nothing Compared to Her Other Problems

It’s sometimes easy to get bogged down with all the stresses of school and to forget that not every failure is the end of the world. But some students make the effort to put things in perspective and not freak out over the little things. Take Molly Waynes, a sophomore in the College of Engineering, as an example. She just bombed her first chemistry prelim of the semester, but do you think that’s keeping her down? No way. That’s because she has much bigger problems to deal with.

Take note, workaholics.

On the outside, Molly is just a regular student. But on the inside, Molly is cool as a cucumber when it comes to grades. Especially considering that most of her energy is going towards working two on-campus jobs to get a head start on paying off her ridiculously high student loans, or applying for yet another summer internship in a desperate attempt to separate herself from the ever-increasing pool of talented and well-trained peers. This little worker bee is viewing her chemistry test as water under the bridge, while the bridge itself is barely standing due to the incredible pressure Molly’s parents have placed on her to accomplish as much as her older brother who received a highly-competitive job at Microsoft by the age of 21.

You go, Molly. Thanks for reminding us that there are bigger, far more life-impacting fish to fry than a silly chemistry test.

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