Do Not Help This Little Boy Climb the Slope. He Must Do This on His Own

There is a small boy climbing up Libe Slope. He is young, and he is weak, but do not help the child. He must do this on his own.

If he falls down the steep hill, it is he who must pick himself up. And he will be stronger for it. This is his journey, not yours.

His parents have left him here to ascend to central campus and become a man. Carrying a small backpack full of toys to the top of East Hill is the only way the child will learn true humility, but also courage. He must respect the slope, but shall not fear it.

Pay no heed to his tiny body waddle its way up the incline. Do not even look at him, for it is a very private moment in a boy’s life. Not even the slightest quizzical glance can disturb his concentration. Just remember that he needs no help. All he needs is to focus.

Once he finally gets to the summit of Cornell, then you may cheer him, sing his praises, and congratulate him on achieving what so many others have failed.

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