How to Cheat on Your Final Exam

We all know how hard finals can be, and nobody has enough time to prepare for every exam. So if you’re willing to take a risk, follow these tips to cheat on your final exam this week— just don’t get caught.

  •      Can’t remember all those dates and facts for your history final? Most professors put the lecture notes online, so read through those.
  •      A lot of students leave their exams before time is up. Stay for the full exam time in case an extra 45 minutes was all it took for you to remember what Van der Waals forces were.
  •      Professors and TAs can’t watch everybody taking their test. Keep an eye out for when they walk by. If you have a question, that’s when you should ask.
  •      Math students, listen up: bring calculators to your exams to get an advantage over people who are still using a slide rule.
  •      Need a perfect score on your final in order to get an A in the class? Get all the questions right.
  •      Write notes on the inside of your hand, such as “You can do it!” or “Maybe I’ll pass this one.”

If you want any more tricks to guarantee that perfect score with minimal effort, check out this great “what not to do” list


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