Quiz: Do You Have Impostor Syndrome, Or Are You Just A Worthless Failure With No Future?

Congrats again on making it to the Ivy League! Maybe you were expecting the rigorous academic atmosphere and the abundant research opportunities, but you definitely weren’t prepared for the all-consuming worry that you don’t belong here and that everyone else is smarter than you. It sounds a lot like Imposter Syndrome, but how do you know for sure that you’re not just a hopeless deadbeat who won’t succeed? Take this quiz to find out

Do you struggle during job interviews when asked about your qualifications? 

    a.   Yes, I start listing off my accomplishments, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m putting on a mask and that I’m not really qualified. 

   b.   Job Interviews? I mean, I’ve gotten one–should I be doing more? I dunno, it felt pretty good talking about my 3-year-old AP award I got when I was in high school.

How do you feel when your friends list off their accomplishments?

   a.   I am bummed that maybe I’m not doing enough to earn my spot at this school.

   b.   Ugh, freaking Karen with all her fancy summer internships makes me want to rip up my resume and throw it in the gorge

How do you react when you receive praise?

   a.   I often deflect or say that I don’t really mean it.

   b.   Well, the one time all semester I showed up to my discussion section, my TA said “it is nice to see you.” I guess that made me feel kinda happy?   

What do you do think when you get a question wrong in front of a large lecture?

   a.    “I’m insecure about my deservingness to be around such smart people.”

   b.    “Um, hey Siri, when is the next bus out of Ithaca because I can’t stay here and bother more people with my stupidity.” 

What happens when you start to plan your future career goals?

   a.    I tend to get stressed out about whether I am worthy of entering professional life.    

   b.    Mostly I imagine scenarios in which I change my identity and never see my family again so I don’t bring shame to their good name

Do you think there’s room to improve your outlook?

   a.   Hopefully it will just take some time to adjust.

   b.   N-O, No. I am just the worst.


If you got…

Mostly As:  Congrats! Your answers certainly indicate your imposter syndrome is only temporary– thing is, you also have delusions of grandeur, so you’re probably not as accomplished as you think you are. Get ready to crash, and crash hard!

Mostly Bs: Oh no! You are most certainly a deadbeat who won’t succeed no matter how hard you try. Better luck next time!


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