Power Move: TA Uses Lecture Hall Microphone in Discussion Section of 12 Students

A small discussion section for ECON 3120 got more than they bargained for Thursday morning when TA Tyler Kettle whipped out a large headset microphone clearly intended for use in a large auditorium.

“Let’s start by going over the syllabus…” Tyler started, acting confident that his dominance had been asserted while fumbling with the equipment after realizing it wasn’t on.

Despite being asked by the Professor in a neighboring classroom to quiet down just six minutes into the fifty-minute discussion, Kettle kept the powered-off hardware around his neck for the entirety of the section.  

“I’ve had like five classes in rooms like this and they definitely don’t come with mics, let alone headsets,” said Jennifer O’Neil ’21. “He had to have brought that thing from home.” 

With big mic energy like that, Kettle is either well on his way to a gilded Assistant Professorship at Ohio State or a casting call for the next round of ShamWow commercials. Regardless, we’re expecting to see big things from Tyler this semester, even while each student gradually switches to other discussion sections.  

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