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“Why Are You Drinking a Glass of Milk at a Party?” and Five Other Questions for the Guy Drinking a Glass of Milk at a Party

You know the situation. It’s Friday night and you’re on your shit, really vibing after a stressful week. The rest of the room is right there with you, alcoholic beverage in hand as they let the worries of the real world melt away. Everyone seems to be unified in action and intent. Well, almost everyone.

Eventually it dawns on you that there’s one guy who seems a little out of place. He’s not really talking with anyone, he’s not going out and dancing. He seems to sort of just… be there, standing off in the corner by himself. It’s not even really awkward, just a little unnerving. He scrolls his phone casually, sometimes glancing around the room while he takes a sip from his cup.

But then you realize: that’s not a cup, that’s a glass. Seems a little fancy for the setting, no? And—wait, that drink is white! That’s gotta be milk, right? What the hell is going on?!

We’ve all been there. To help make sense of it all, here are a few questions you can ask to get to the bottom of things.


  1. Is that milk? First off, it’s important to clarify that he is indeed drinking milk. Imagine how foolish you would feel if you presumed the beverage to be milk when, in actuality, he was indulging in a large glass of eggnog or a particularly opaque limeade? That baseline has to be established first and foremost.
  2. Is there any alcohol in there? Once you’ve confirmed the libation’s lactic nature, you can ask if it’s something like a White Russian. It would still be kinda weird but at least would fit the setting better.
  3. Did you bring a gallon of milk or just this one glass? You want to gauge their level of commitment to the milk. However, be aware that the answer is pretty definitely going to be at least one gallon, possibly more.
  4. If you could drink the milk of any mammal, what would it be and why? It’s a good conversation starter that also doubles as a screen for sociopaths, so this is really like asking two questions for the price of one. We’ve heard good things about llama milk if he returns the question and you need a response in a pinch.
  5. Can I have a glass of milk, pretty please? Once you’ve earned their trust and screened their sanity, you’re finally safe to reveal your true intentions and request that sweet, sweet party milk.

Spooky! Everybody Who Had a Halloween Party this Weekend Were Also Dumb Enough to Post About It

BooOO! Halloween this year turned out to be one for the books. Never mind the ghastly costumes and unexpected frights; this holiday’s freakiest monsters were people so idiotic, they broke social distancing guidelines to go to a large party AND broadcast the whole thing on their Instagram stories! Scary! 

These spectres haunted Collegetown throughout the night, blaring loud music and recording blurry panning videos of their 20-plus-person-hangouts. These eerie stories sent shivers down the spines of unsuspecting students on social media, who were petrified at the brazen displays of bad decision-making. Creepy!

The sight of Ivy League dolts bragging about their own stupid actions was too terrifying for words. How could anyone be idiotic enough to endanger the health of the broader campus community by hosting large gatherings and also so feeble-minded not to realize that literally anyone could record their Snapchats and get them in serious trouble?! Make it stop!

At least these modern-day ghouls let everyone know who they were so that they could be thoroughly avoided for the next 8-14 days. Talk about a silver lining! 

OP-ED: I’m Heating Up

If my eyes do not deceive me, it appears I’ve just hit my second cup in row. Remaining faithful to the dearest orders of the game, I must announce that I have just entered the second leg of a chain of events that shall be rather fortuitous for my team’s fate.

Come one, come all. Gather round and listen because I am decreeing a motion for the dial on the thermometer to be raised:

I’m heating up.

Ready yourselves, because if I hit this next cup, the services of Ithaca’s Fire Department must be called upon.

And if I should earn the sacred right of “fire,” woe be you, my humble opponent—I will be forced to take shot after shot until I fail to sink a cup. Such is the esteemed duty of a consummate pong professional.

In just one turn you’ll be fanning flame after flame, to no avail!

One must allow this fire to wither away on it’s own—but not before an immaculate diamond re-rack glistens in the distance.

It gives me great pain to deliver a loss to you in this match, but do heed my warning: if I am forced to call “island” on this next cup as well, then by God, I shall.

Heartwarming: When This Student In a Wheelchair Felt Left Out, These Brothers Helped Him Do a Keg Stand!

Adapting to College life can be tough for everyone, but imagine how hard it is for those of us facing physical disabilities. All of the social anxieties felt by being thrown into a new setting with dozens of people you’ve never met before get heightened by the palpable impairment that makes you feel completely different from everyone else.

This was especially true for Dwight Albert ‘21, who was paralyzed from the waist down when he was only four years old.

“Having a limited use of motor skills and using a wheelchair to get around is how I’ve lived for as long as I can remember, making it super tough to play even simple games like beer pong and slap cup, let alone do a keg stand,” said Albert.

When some people on his floor convinced him to go out last Saturday, Matthew was expecting more of the same: multiple sets of stares, awkward conversations, and just feeling out of place.

But right before Dwight was about to call it quits and head back to North, some brothers noticed he was looking a little down, and decided to completely turn his night around—or as some would say, upside-down!

“We just brought him over to the center of the room, helped him out of his wheelchair, and got him straightened out for the keg stand. He was a natural and everyone started chanting his name, it made the party that much better! He even was able to stay on there for 50 seconds, the longest of the night!” said Tanner Blake ’18, who originally had the idea to help out Dwight.

Wow! What an inspiring and uplifting story of brotherhood and compassion. Hopefully, this act of generosity can help make our campus a more inclusive place in the future!

QUIZ: Can You Avoid Messing Up This Formal?

Well, it’s the big night. Every semester, you and everyone else in your exclusive organization get together, get dressed up, and get fucking trashed. You still haven’t lived down the events of last formal. You can’t really remember them, but from others you’ve pieced together that they involved a pink flamingo, your exposed genitals, and a very old taping of the 2004 Kid’s Choice Awards. Let’s see if you can get through this one without fucking everything up.

1. First things first: What are you gonna wear?


2. Fuck. You’re at the pre-game and your date just cancelled on you. Who do you call as your backup date?


3. Alright, you’ve got your date and it’s time to pre-game. How hard do you go?


4. Okay, last call before the bus leaves. Anything you need to grab?


5. You’re at the formal. It’s Chi Buff… again. But hey, let’s make the most of the evening. What do you do?


6. Okay, your date wants to go dance. What now?


7. Hey man, Brandon’s date looks kinda cute…


8. Well, you’re back on the bus, sitting next to your date.


9. Okay you’ve made it back home, luckily in one piece. What to now?