QUIZ: Can You Avoid Messing Up This Formal?

Well, it’s the big night. Every semester, you and everyone else in your exclusive organization get together, get dressed up, and get fucking trashed. You still haven’t lived down the events of last formal. You can’t really remember them, but from others you’ve pieced together that they involved a pink flamingo, your exposed genitals, and a very old taping of the 2004 Kid’s Choice Awards. Let’s see if you can get through this one without fucking everything up.

1. First things first: What are you gonna wear?


2. Fuck. You’re at the pre-game and your date just cancelled on you. Who do you call as your backup date?


3. Alright, you’ve got your date and it’s time to pre-game. How hard do you go?


4. Okay, last call before the bus leaves. Anything you need to grab?


5. You’re at the formal. It’s Chi Buff… again. But hey, let’s make the most of the evening. What do you do?


6. Okay, your date wants to go dance. What now?


7. Hey man, Brandon’s date looks kinda cute…


8. Well, you’re back on the bus, sitting next to your date.


9. Okay you’ve made it back home, luckily in one piece. What to now?


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