Prank Gone Wrong? All Of The IUDs At Cornell Health Have Been Replaced With Rick-Roll Buzzers

Photo from the Cornell Daily Sun

Most people love a good old-fashioned prank, but this might be taking it a bit far. Cornell Health staff and patients have recently discovered that some devious little pranksters replaced all the IUDs with Rick-Roll Buzzers!

“I had just gone to Cornell Health to get my IUD inserted, but when I left I noticed the recognizable 1987 classic emanating from my pants,” said Isabella Weissman ‘19. “Initially, I thought I had just gotten some special edition IUD, but on further inspection I realized that I had been pranked.”

“I honestly just thought it was like a ToothTunes kind of thing. Y’know, to make IUDs fun,” said Cornell Health staff worker Cheryl Handler. “It was only until we had a line of people outside our door with harmonizing crotches when I realized that something was amiss.”

It was later found that all of Gannett’s condoms had also been replaced with flavored whoopie cushions, while the lube had been substituted with cans of inflatable worms.

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