SJWs Beware: This Article WILL Trigger You

Offended already? Well you better buckle up, because this ain’t your average, play-it-safe humor thinkpiece.

We’re finally bringing it to you over-sensitive, politically-correct liberals – and you can’t hide from our First Amendment-delivered tirade of truth in your Tumblr posts and pinterest profiles.

Where are your safe spaces now??


If you’re looking for some warm milk and a pat on the back, you’ve come to the wrong article. This is more than microaggressive – it’s a macro-level slap right across the oppression.

Sorry SA members, SJW campus organizers, and affirmative-action-loving progressives, but we’re opening the floodgates of reality – so you better get a raft. And we don’t apologize.

How do your pronouns feel now, feminists?

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