This Wee Young Lad Fixin’ for a Spout O’ Drinkin’ This Noight

COMMONS O’ YE APPEL — This evenin’, aye tell ya, is goin’ to be quite a noight fer ol’ Seamus here. It begins wit yours truly makin’ a bit of a pass at his discussion sections top o’ dis morn. Then, I’ll be catchin’ a wee pint at CTB wif me boyos, only to make quite a bully thru the rest o’ ye College Town.

Aye, ‘tis an exciting thing when me hero Saint Patty foinally gets the tanks he desarves. Oy imagine me homeland fondly, with de rollin’ hulls and me favorite Blarney Stone. Oy, I tell ya no one can make a carned beef ‘n cabbage like me ol’ mudder, but the doinin’ halls will have to do. In the meantoime, I’ll be lookin’ thru de Arts Quad fer a bit o’ fahr leafed clover to grant me a bit o’ luck tonoight.

This Saint Patty’s party is goin’ to be off de hook if you catch mye meanin’. We’ll be riverdancin’ faster than me ol’ gran! The bevvies will flow loik whiskey and ya whisky will knock back loik bevvies. How glad I am to be here at Cornell Univarsity where I can proudly celebrayt de haritage o’ de Green Isle. Aye, since at me homestead and the udder tree hundred ‘n sixty-fahr days o’ de year I’m technically about one turty-second Irish on ye ol’

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