NDA Disaster! To Avoid Rick & Morty Leaks, Dan Harmon Is Only Allowed To Talk About Last Year’s Season of ‘Extreme Couponing’

This article was sponsored by the Cornell University Program Board for the event “An Evening With Dan Harmon” on Nov. 10th at 7:00PM Bailey Hall. Tickets available at: cornellconcerts.universitytickets.com.

Now, we’ve heard of strict NDA’s, but this might be pushing it! In a foolhardy attempt to keep Dan Harmon from revealing many of Rick & Morty’s best kept secrets, Harmon’s agent has only allowed him to discuss the events of last year’s season of ‘Extreme Couponing’.

That’s right! Instead of being privy to all the juicy Rick & Morty gossip that could’ve slipped from Harmon’s luscious lips, showgoers will be subjected to an in-depth critical analysis of the hit TLC reality show ‘Extreme Couponing’, with possible discussion of not only the varied cast of real characters the show offers, but also the various ways in which they struggle with their intense coupon addictions.

With regards to the Q&A portion of the event, it gets worse. While ticket holders likely had many questions prepared regarding not only the process behind Rick & Morty but also the future of the show, Harmon is strictly only allowed to answer that questions containing the words ‘Extreme Couponing’ and ‘Only on TLC, Thursday Nights at 9’. Aye, carumba!

Let’s hope that with future events, Harmon can reign himself in so we don’t need such drastic measures!

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