7 Ways Freshman Year Is PERFECTLY Described By The Great Depression

The first year of college is an transformative period, when young adults learn what it is like to live on their own. Here are some ways all the ups and downs of freshman year are flawlessly captured by the most destructive economic downturn in American History.

Trying to Pre-enroll for Classes

The struggle of getting into every class you need while competing with the rest of university is #tooreal. Also too real was the struggle of middle class workers who were met with an astounding competition for even common jobs during America’s highest recorded unemployment rate!

Getting JA’d For Drinking In The Dorms

After a long week of grinding through classes, you just want to have a fun night of drinking with some friends, but get busted by an RA making his rounds. Pretty similar to the early 1930’s when the only respite from a deteriorating job search was barred by the 18th amendment.

Living in a Cramped Dorm Room

Adjusting to dorm life can be rough sometimes. Small closets, thin walls, and broken furniture definitely create a major test for first year students. Kind of emulates living in Hoovervilles, the crumbling shantytowns that housed the thousands Americans who suffered foreclosure!

Waiting In Line At The Dining Halls

Waiting on that Mongo Grill can take FOREVER. Really makes you feel like you are on a free soup line, one of the only forms of welfare for the unemployed in the pre-New Deal era.

Hopping on a Late Night TCAT

PARTY BUS! Nothing like jumping on the last TCAT with the squad after a night of CollegeTown partying. Sort of like the packs of hitchhikers who would travel day and night, from town to town in search of even the slightest work.

Being Denied From A Frat Party

Total Buzz Kill. The night ended before it could even start when a pair of Frat guys weren’t buying the names you made up, and your ratio was just too small to pull you through. Quite reminiscent of the myriad of local businesses that continually had to turn away people searching for work.

Making it to the End of the Year

Whew, what a whirlwind. After all of the new friends, wild parties, and classes you thought you’d never pass, you finally made it! Much like the American public that was finally able to get out of the depression and look forward to better days ahead by entering World War II!

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