Standing Up to Gun Violence: This Student Hasn’t Attended His 10am Since January

Long before today’s national school walkout was announced, David Wu ‘19 knew he wouldn’t be attending his 10am. That’s because, while other students may have left their classes for just one day to protest gun violence, he hasn’t even stepped in his psychology lecture since the first week of classes.

Amazing – what a true advocate for gun control in America!

Ask Wu about his bravery, and he stays humble. “I’m just a normal Cornell student who doesn’t like to get out of bed early… I don’t expect everyone else to join me, and if they did it would probably be bad because the professor would totally notice I’m gone.”

Well, David. You may not have expected it, but stand with you in solidarity, we will. And you inspire us every day you don’t attend your 10am lecture to push for change in this country!

While most students went back to class after the protest ended, David wasn’t about to just give in. As a real fighter, he also decided to sleep through his 11:15am discussion.

Above and beyond the call of duty! This man is true patriot. Thank you, David, for helping us realize that finding justice requires sacrifice and determination.

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