Student With Job Interview Lookin’ All Fancy All of a Sudden

Walking around in a brand-spankin’ new suit and with a big fat leather resume folder to boot, students confirmed local senior Hari Srinivasan had a job interview and was lookin’ all fancy all of a sudden.

“Whaaaat?” said fellow student Lindsey Fong. “This guy usually wears one kind of clothes, and now he’s wearing another kind of clothes! What’s that all about?” Sure as heck, Srinivasan had put on his dapper wrapper to go see the boss man about a gig.

Onlookers were flabbergasted to see Srinivasan transformed from his class attire (sweats and muffin crumbs) to this class attire (this brand spankin’ new three-piece suit). “I feel like I’m seeing a whole new side of him,” said best friend George Callahan. Well, it’s handsome o’clock, and Srinivasan’s got his exceptionally stylish watch set right on time.

Analysts predict Srinivasan will be hired on sight, as recruiters will be stunned and amazed by his real, actual fancy pants.

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