Palindrome Lovers Rejoice:Eciojer Srevol Emordnilap

If you’re a literary fanatic, you’re in luck—palindromes are back! !kcab era semordnilap—kcul ni er’uoy ,citanaf yraretil a er’uoy fI.

2019 is the year for words and phrases spelled the same backward and forward, and will have palindrome-haters shouting “Dammit, I’m mad,” according to Anna Renner, an avid diva. .avid diva na ,renneR annA ot gnidrocca “dam m’I, timmaD,” gnituohs sretah-emordnilap evah lliw dna ,drawrof dna drawkcab emas eht delleps sesarhp dna sdrow rof raey eht si 9102

“Palindrome-lovers should launch their kayaks, call Mom and Dad, and start their racecars with excitement at this news,” she said. .dias ehs ”,swen siht ta tnemeticxe htiw sracecar rieht trats dna ,daD dna moM llac ,skayak rieht hcnual dluohs srevol-emordnilaP”

Sure does sound hip! So we can’t wait for a year of riveting reversals..slasrever gnitevir fo raey a rof tiaw t’nac ew oS !pih dnuos seod eruS

And remember……rebmemer dnA

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