Heartwarming: When This Upcoming Transfer Was Unable To Attend, Cornell Promptly Replaced Her Spot!

When financial setbacks prevented upcoming transfer Divya Martin from being temporarily unable to afford attendance at Cornell, the admissions department bravely acted with their hearts and gave her spot to a well-connected student who had been on the waitlist!

All of us were so heartbroken by Divya’s story. Not only did she have great grades at her local community college, but her lifelong dream was to attend Cornell University. So when we found out that Cornell made sure to quickly give away her spot, we were all overwhelmed with joy. It’s amazing what a kindhearted institution like Cornell can do!

Even better—instead of losing money that could really help the school’s mission, by replacing Divya’s seat as soon as possible Cornell GAINED a net profit from the full tuition the new student will pay!

You can try again next year, Divya!

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