Best Day Ever? This Physics Lecture Was Canceled Because the Professor Was in the Hospital

Classes haven’t even been going for a week, but today the students of PHYS 2207 received the best news they’ll get all semester—when they all arrived at class this morning, they were informed that lecture was canceled because their professor was in the hospital!

Talk about good fortune!

Some days you just get lucky. Maybe you get a large coffee when you paid for a medium, or you stepped in a puddle that turned out to be frozen solid. But none of those compare to finding out your class is canceled due to your professor’s need for emergency care!


Some students were even able to stay in bed, since they didn’t get up before the professor was rushed across Ithaca and lecture was canceled! What a way to start the new semester off right.

“Score! I heard rumors that we were going to have a pop quiz in class today but now I’m free,” exclaimed an overjoyed Gary Barnard ’20 on his way to a luxurious, 50-minute breakfast. “I hope the professor’s okay.”

Future physics and engineering majors, consider adding PHYS 2207! You may get lucky and have a bunch of classes cancelled, depending on how well the professor recovers

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