Add/Drop Dilemma: My Professor Is Terrible, But Also Hot?

There’s no question that the add/drop period is stressful. There are classes I need to take, and classes I want to take, but at the end of the day, some classes need to get dropped. This semester my decision couldn’t be harder, because on the one hand the professor for my European History class is terrible, but on the other hand, he’s also absurdly hot?

What do I do?!

The first week of class, he delivered a lecture on the Battle of Hastings that was painfully dry, but damn if my mouth wasn’t watering at those baby blue eyes and chiseled jaw that almost make me want to put up with a hundred pages of reading per night? I don’t know if I can give up seeing his light brown hair, immaculate stubble, and complete disinterest in his students.

Seriously, he could be a model in an L.L. Bean catalog if he weren’t teaching a course that would have me write a four-page paper every week for the next two months.

So if I drop the course, I’ll be taking four manageable classes at 16 credits. If I keep it, I’ll have trouble squeezing in time for my social life, but at least I’ll get to watch those bulging, tan muscles scribble facts on the chalkboard about the Great Schism in absolutely unreadable handwriting.

This is a much harder decision than I thought, but I still have a few days to make my choice. In the meantime, you can bet I’ll be fantasizing about him being a better teacher.

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