Uh Oh! Dad Seems Mad About Stocks

It was just after I had returned from school on account of this whole coronavirus thing that I noticed dad was seeming a little more agitated than usual. Normally, he’s full of life, repeating Fox news talking points and complaining about incompetent employees at his office. Now, he’s stuck at home, and he keeps muttering to himself about “prospectives” and “shorts.” I wonder if it’s because of this whole market crash thing. 

I seem to recall my friends in AEM saying something about stocks going down because of the rona, but I didn’t really get all of what they were saying because I’ve learned to tune out their fancy money-boy nonsense most of the time. Also, I saw on Bloomberg Business that all three big arrows were going down which dad can’t be super happy about.

So now we have this situation where dad is grumpy and he’s on the phone with his broker or whatever all the time and it’s really just not ideal because I’m not allowed to leave the goddamn house here in Hoboken and he keeps killing the whole vibe. Last night I went into the kitchen to get a snack, and boom there he is looking ill-tempered as fuck, talking about how we’re, like, basically homeless now.

Oh god! This is even worse than I thought! Dad isn’t mad anymore. Now he’s drunk and sentimental. He’s hugging my sister now and grumbling some stuff about her “hopefully still going to college” and asking if she’d be willing to “work nights.” This is not cool at all!


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