QUIZ: Do you know this friend well enough to swipe right on them on Tinder without them thinking you want to fuck them?

Hooray! You’re back on campus this semester, and with the start of Spring comes the inevitable re-downloading of Tinder. You’re playing the field, swiping through profile after profile, when suddenly you see some guy you know! Hey, this could be a great opportunity for a little friendly game of “Lol-we’re-both-on-Tinder.” Maybe even throw a Super Like their way for an extra chuckle! But, wait a minute– your half-acquaintance will surely know you’re only just joking around, right? Or will your sorta-friend totally get the wrong idea?

Take this quiz to find out!

1. How long have you known this person for?


2. How do you greet each other in person?


3. What’s their favorite food?


4. Do you have any mutual friends?


5. Have they included the line: “If we’re friend IRL, I’ll swipe right” in their bio?


6. What ratio of hank to pank has this individual tried to engage you in in the past?


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