Awkward: This Entire Frat Went as Douchebags for Halloween!

Whoops! Isn’t it awkward when you and your friend show up with the same costume to a Halloween party? Members of the Rho Upsilon Tau Fraternity got that in spades this weekend when every one of them showed up to the organization’s annual Halloween party dressed as a douchebag. Awk.

Communication goes a long way when trying to coordinate a costume with your best buds, which is something these frat stars need to figure out to avoid a similar disaster next year. Yikes!

You wouldn’t want to share the same costume as one person, let alone fifty-something similarly clad people parading around as assholes for the holiday. Talk about an awkward situation.

Also, someone should tell them the correct date to dress up, because this year their accidental group costume showed as early as Fall rush! Wow, talk about coincidence!

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