Innovative! “Rasputin” the CS Major is Finding an Alternative Way to Pay Tuition!

Well this is surely one for the books, and just one more reason why we at Cornell should be proud of the imaginative and resourceful student body we go to school with. Everyone grumbles about tuition hikes, but this CS major took his fate in his own hands and set up a side business of hacking educational institutions to help cover the cost of his education. He then attempted to sell access to the data he had to foreign powers. Wow!

Known as “Rasputin” to his friends and business colleagues, this junior is already applying his education to real world scenarios, proving without a doubt the value of a Cornell education, and just how creative our classmates are. When faced with the crushing weight of tuition (yuck!) it’s inspiring to see a student try to earn an income to pay for it by selling secrets and committing cyber crime.

“I just felt, y’know, I’ve got all these skills as a result of my education, now what?” said “Rasputin” in an interview. “I knew I had to do something to continue to pay for my education, which I value deeply. So I applied all of my learning and started a side business.” As we all know, that side business involved a creative instance of cyber espionage.

Crushing tuition hikes can’t slow us down. Go Big Red!

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