Oopsies! This Naughty Little Freshman Showed Up To His Swim Test In A Tiny, Tiny Speedo

Darren Stintman “thought” he was just gonna take your regular ol’ garden variety swim test, but when he arrived at Helen-Newman, Darren “realized” he had made a big no-no. He showed up to the swim test in just a tiny, tiny speedo. Nothing else!

Despite repeated pleading from the instructor that Darren go home and change into something appropriate, Darren insisted that he “had made such a silly, silly mistake” and needed to “deal with the repercussion of his little accident.”

“Honestly, this was to be expected,” said the president of the Cornell Kink Club. “Darren has been, and always will be, a very bad boy. In fact, if he accidentally does this one more time, someone’s gonna have to penalize him for being so naughty.”

At the end of the test, the instructor realized that Darren had already passed the swim test, and was just doing this again for some reason. When questioned why, Darren replied that “he felt he didn’t deserve it the first time on account of his naughtiness.”

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