QUIZ: Are You Qualified for eHub Membership?

The recent change to eHub membership requirements has sent shockwaves through Cornell’s greater space-occupying community as it now requires members “show how their use [of the space] relates to entrepreneurship.” In clarifying the new requirements, Cornell’s Director of Entrepreneurship called the new bar for membership “low.” In a subsequent statement, he doubled down, calling the bar “very low.”

With all this talk, students’ question is clear—just how low are we talking?

Worry no longer! Just take the quiz below to see if you have what it takes to join Cornell’s most exclusive 24/7 building access list.

1. eHub is meant to foster a community of entrepreneurship. How do you spell “entrepreneurship”?


2. In what ways have you contributed to the entrepreneurial community?


3. Explain how your use of eHub would be related to entrepreneurship.


4. Which of these is not a real technology job?


5. Which of these is not the name of a startup?


6. You get a call from the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar venture capital fund interested in investing in your business idea. She requests a meeting with you at their corporate headquarters. What are you going to wear to the meeting?


7. My dream job is:


8. Any last words?


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