Inspiring: Student Dedicates Self to Keeping Bridge Clean and Censoring Any Pro-Hong Kong Speech

Most students will just keep walking by when they see “Fight For Freedom” stickers cluttering up the bridge between the engineering quad and Collegetown, but not sophomore Jackson Huang. The dedicated young maverick has taken it upon himself to keep Cornell’s campus spotless, as well as suppress any and all dissent regarding Hong Kong’s independence. Tidy legend!

It’s rare that you meet someone so dedicated to keeping the campus clean, and also stifling the opinions of anyone who speaks out against the actions of the Chinese government. But Huang has been committed to peeling off the Hong Kong stickers for the past few weeks, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Perseverance FTW!

Even stickers being under several layers of tape hasn’t stopped everyone’s favorite local cleaning boy from ripping those babies off, keeping the footbridge free of vandalism and any opinions that don’t align with his own viewpoints!

In his quest to maintain both Cornell’s tidy image and uniformity of thought regarding the Communist Party of China, Huang still continues to visit the bridge every few days to laboriously undo the work of some group of sticker-placing hooligans. What a man with a mission.

Next time you’re walking down to Collegetown and you notice the footbridge looking all spotless and free of anything remotely pro-Hong Kong, you know who to thank!

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