Photo by: Cameron Pollack / The Cornell Daily Sun

Anabel’s Groceries to Satisfy Your Food and Personal Insecurities

Conveniently located in Anabel Taylor Hall, Anabel’s Grocery is now open seven days a week, providing access to healthy, affordable food! Stop by to fill your basket with remedies to these common insecurities. Low Self Esteem Chug a marked-down can of Rockstar! It’ll leave you feeling invincible and consumer-savvy. Commitment Issues Have a handful of…

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Job Posting: The Perfect Entry Level Position for Soon-to-Be Cornell Graduate

Our company is seeking a motivated, hard-working, and employment-oriented soon-to-be college graduate from Cornell University to fill an entry level position for our up-and-coming startup that was recently mentioned in the New York Times AND featured in Buzzfeed’s highly acclaimed “16 Most Fun Work Environments” listicle! We have openings in our following branches: New York,…

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Nationalities That Aren’t Mexican But Definitely Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Because It’s All The Same Right?

· Brazilian · Guatemalan · Colombian · Spanish · El Salvadorian · Panamanian · Dominican · Chilean · Puerto Rican · Peruvian · Venezuelan · Paraguayan · Nicaraguan · Portuguese · Cuban · Honduran · Argentinian · Belizean · Surinamese · Uruguayan · Bolivian · Ecuadorian · Haitian · Guyanese · Costa Rican · Jamaican…

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